Onyado Toho Onyado Toho
706 Innai, Ishiyama,
Aizuwakamatsu City,
Fukushima Prefecture,
965-0813, Japan
TEL 0242-26-4141
FAX 0242-26-4570
(English available)

Buffet "Agarannsho" with More Than 50 Dishes

Buffet "Agarannsho" with More Than 50 DishesOpened in March, 2011, this is a buffet restaurant with a "cool" atmosphere created by traditional art works, such as Aizu Shikki lacquerware and Aizu Momen cotton, and Japanese modern art works. "Agarannsho" is Aizu dialect and means "Bon app├ętit."

Buffet Dishes

Buffet DishesSurrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes, Aizu is blessed with abundant natural ingredients. This area is isolated by the heavy snowfall in winter, so preserved food and fermented food have been eaten since olden times. At the all-you-can-eat buffet, you can enjoy such local cuisine and other Japanese dishes, as well as Western dishes and Chinese dishes. Chefs dynamically cook tempura and other dishes in an open kitchen in front of you, and staff wearing Japanese clothing serve dishes. The buffet restaurant is filled with a Japanese festive mood.

"Kissho" a Japanese Restaurant with Private Rooms

"Kissho" a Japanese Restaurant with Private Rooms This is a Japanese restaurant with private rooms where you enter after taking off your shoes. Enjoy Japanese course dishes in the traditional party style.

Traditional Food Set Arranged in the Modern Style

Traditional Food Set Arranged in the Modern StyleJapanese cuisine is elegantly cooked and served. Piping hot dishes are served in the traditional manner by female staff wearing Japanese kimono.
(For those who are not good with chopsticks, knives and forks are available.)

Various Types of Sake

Various Types of SakeAizu is famous for sake (rice wine). In Aizuwakamatsu and Kitakata, there are many sake breweries which are small but highly evaluated in Japan. Delicious sake is made from fine rice and ground water from under Mt. Bandai. The "Kikizake" set is a very popular set in which you can try and compare different sake of different breweries.

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