Hot Springs

Onyado Toho Onyado Toho
706 Innai, Ishiyama,
Aizuwakamatsu City,
Fukushima Prefecture,
965-0813, Japan
TEL 0242-26-4141
FAX 0242-26-4570
(English available)

Among the attractions of 1,300-year-old Higashiyama Onsen, the open-air bath of our hotel is truly beautiful, having won an award as an excellent building that harmonizes with the surrounding environment and beautifies the landscape. Soak in a bath, relax in the room or at the lounge, and soak again. Repeating this process a few times during a two-day and one-night trip is one of the typical Japanese-style travel pleasures. Information and rules about Japanese-style bathing are available at the front desk.

Sora no Yu

Sora no YuOur open-air bath has a shape combining a full moon and crescent moon. You can thoroughly relax while listening to the sound of the wind and birds in the Oriental-feel bamboo grove. In the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful night views of Aizuwakamatsu town.
Sora no Yu and Tanagumo no Yu rotate for men and for women in the evening and morning.

Tanagumo no Yu

Tanagumo no YuThis open-air bath is separated into three tiers. The top is a bath in which you can soak the whole body and look down upon the town. The middle is a bath where you can soak the lower body and the bottom is a bath where you can lie and enjoy looking up at the sky.

Amenities / Others

Amenities / OthersAdjacent to Sora no Yu, there is a powder room and cosmetics are available free of charge.

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